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Oil and Gas Prices, $ and euro, June 4, 2008, Mark Wyatt

Food for Thought, May, 2008, Niels Jensen

Stagflation and the Fed, February 29, 2008, John Mauldin

Consumers, Credit, and Complications, February 8, 2008, John Mauldin

What Caused the Home Mortgage Market to Go Out of Control?, February 2008, Thomas Tan

Summary of Orange County, California, Structured Investment Vehicle Holdings, January 31st, 2008, Mark Wyatt

Taking Out the Structured Investment Vehicle Garbage, October 21st 2007, John Mauldin

Paul Volcker

Paul Volcker with Charlie Rose, march 18th, 2008.


These Youtube tutorials were created by Khanacademy.

Tutorial: Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) I:

Tutorial: Mortgage Backed Security II:

Tutorial: Mortgage Backed Security III:

Tutorial: Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO):


Orange county Florida, Orange County California and SIVs!

The Long Johns - The Last Laugh - George Parr - Subprime (Humor)

The witty gentlemen expalin the sub-prime crisis and SIV's to the layman!

Click the menu button for more (button works when the movie is playing). Quite enlightening.

Global Warming

This four part series by Professor Bob Carter from Australia is very interesting.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV of IV

Global Warming: Doomsday Called Off, a 5 part series

Part 1/5

Part 2/5

Part 3/5

Part 4/5

Part 5/5

Credit Squeeze Explained- Graphic Presentation

Take a look at this presentation by the Financial Times. It is from September 2007, but explains the SIV and related issues fairly well in a graphical manner. Once you get to the site (by clicking the link below), click on the Heading "Credit Squeeze Exlained: Launch interactive graphic".

You need to have Flash installed for this to work.

Credit squeeze explained